Sunday, 1 December 2013

Tree Houses

Tree houses seem to awaken an inner child in all of us. They can be beautiful and going in one can feel like being at one with the outside world.

If you're in Northumberland then the perfect place to go would be the Alnwick Garden's Tree house restaurant.
If a tree house is a little too far, maybe take inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings. To me they seem reminiscent of tree houses and  the materials used always seem to blend in with the surroundings, then the architectural straight lines make a bold statement.

Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Fallingwater'

Tree houses can show you how to live within nature and how to incorporate natural and local materials into your home. Some thing as simple as the tree branch decoration can make a beautiful statement in the home without costing lots of money. (In my opinion the one below would look better if the lights were on a white cable, but sometimes they're hard to find)

 Thank you for reading.

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