Saturday, 7 December 2013

Room Dividers & Screens

Using a screen can be a great way of temporarily dividing up a space or adding something beautiful to a room. You can use a screen to separate a studio flat so you have a more dedicated sleeping area or if you have guests over. They have many other uses though!
You may be able to find a vintage screen or one could be made yourself using a wooden frame and thick fabric in the middle. This could work well as you could stain the wood and use any fabric you like. Or you could make one from plywood and stencil a design onto it.

This was the overall display.
I love the light in the centre!
I recently went to the Royal Pavilion Museum in Brighton and saw this amazing display (to the right and below). I love the colours they have used the pattern on the screen is beautiful. The quite neutral tones means you could add in some splashes of colour and pattern in the rest of the room.  Placing the bed in front of the screen is also a good idea. You could use the screen in the room as a focal point and instead of using a headboard, wallpaper or bold paint. I believe the screen below is from the arts and crafts period, I forgot to take a picture of the information though.

On the web I have found some other screens, this one is being used to divide up what appears to be an entryway and a seating area. I like this one and it looks almost like it's made from vintage doors, the reflective surface of the glass also gives an appearance of a bigger room and more space.
Cherry Blossoms have appeared once again in the one below. I don't think I realised how much people love it. But, this one below is beautifully designed and I like the symmetry in the panels, and how they're shaped and also how the cherry blossom design is falling from one side. It looks like the screen is a part of a larger image.
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