Monday, 2 December 2013


I've always loved the idea of putting a desk inside an alcove. It seems like it would be really cosy and a great use of a somewhat forgotten space. You can do so much with them! Alcoves can be quite dark so often extra light is needed, but I would embrace the darkness because every home needs a little dark corner to escape to.

Here are some of my favourite images:

These desks look great and have storage above to make the most of the height space within the alcove. I found the images here.

This alcove seating area looks like the perfect reading nook. The lamps would provide extra reading light in the otherwise quite dark space. I like the modular shelving they've used which contrasts the very orderly design of the arch way. The arch has been created out of wood so it's easily added to a rectangle cut out with out too much work.

This one I found here. I like how the shelving is off the floor and a small side table has been used. This frees up more floor space and can make the room feel bigger.
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