Saturday, 21 December 2013

Neutral Colour Palette

An important thing to remember when working with a neutral colour palette is incorporating texture. This can be done with different fabrics (cushions, curtains, rugs, table runners etc.) and different materials for furniture such as wood, stone and glass.

Here is an inspiring picture I found. The cornice molding and cage light fitting helps greatly adding interest to the room.

The image above shows to can add a little bit of colour to stop the room from looking bland.

At Ikea you can buy textile products quite cheaply and if you're going for a neutral theme then the Swedish is perfect.

Light is also very important! You can add simple tea-light candles (could be LED ones), fairy lights or just a decorative chandelier or ceiling light fixture. The image below shows a pretty set up using some tea light candles. Also the dark flowers and stove make a beautiful contrast.

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Friday, 20 December 2013

Asian Inspiration

You can help to create a serene Asian inspired home using key decor details.
Taking some influence from Japanese culture below is a futon style cushion making a relaxing spot in front of an over-sized window. The simple design of the room and it's connection with nature makes it very relaxing and the Asian influence is profound. I also like the courtyard style garden which is very reminiscent of traditional Japanese home

Asian design often has lots of natural elements so adding bamboo, wood and simple flowers could give your home an Asian inspired feeling.
The bamboo chairs below are beautiful and simple and would be perfect to add a Japanese touch.

Fabrics in small area can be used to add some focus and bold touches. This would create more of an eclectic feel.

You'd have to be wary using fabrics as the combinations of colours can be very unbalanced and to create an eclectic look you'd have to make sure you have a similar colour pallet running throughout different patterns and textures. 

My favourite Asian interiors are from Japan. I love the minimalist feel and simple colours they use. Implementing this type of design in one area or room in a home could provide some escape and would be a perfect place to run away to when the world gets a bit hectic.
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Tuesday, 10 December 2013


You can add some pattern to your home and dinner with some bold and beautiful ceramics. If you have open cupboards or you display your plates then a pretty one won't go a miss. If you can't afford to buy the more expensive items charity and second hand shops sell individual items which you can pair with cheaper plain ceramic. Also, you can purchase ceramic paints to personalise plain dinner ware.

This beautiful tableware could brighten up your day. You can co-ordinate the colours with your dining room/ kitchen and the rest of your tableware to make a cohesive design. If you don't think you want to go for bold colours then you can get different shaped white tableware such as below. 

One of my favourite place to find individual decorative pieces is Zara Home, where I found this amazing set and purchased the bowl to fill with earrings or jewelry.  

The video below shows you how to organise exposed shelving in a kitchen:

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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Room Dividers & Screens

Using a screen can be a great way of temporarily dividing up a space or adding something beautiful to a room. You can use a screen to separate a studio flat so you have a more dedicated sleeping area or if you have guests over. They have many other uses though!
You may be able to find a vintage screen or one could be made yourself using a wooden frame and thick fabric in the middle. This could work well as you could stain the wood and use any fabric you like. Or you could make one from plywood and stencil a design onto it.

This was the overall display.
I love the light in the centre!
I recently went to the Royal Pavilion Museum in Brighton and saw this amazing display (to the right and below). I love the colours they have used the pattern on the screen is beautiful. The quite neutral tones means you could add in some splashes of colour and pattern in the rest of the room.  Placing the bed in front of the screen is also a good idea. You could use the screen in the room as a focal point and instead of using a headboard, wallpaper or bold paint. I believe the screen below is from the arts and crafts period, I forgot to take a picture of the information though.

On the web I have found some other screens, this one is being used to divide up what appears to be an entryway and a seating area. I like this one and it looks almost like it's made from vintage doors, the reflective surface of the glass also gives an appearance of a bigger room and more space.
Cherry Blossoms have appeared once again in the one below. I don't think I realised how much people love it. But, this one below is beautifully designed and I like the symmetry in the panels, and how they're shaped and also how the cherry blossom design is falling from one side. It looks like the screen is a part of a larger image.
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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Industrial Home Inspiration

Nobody wants to live in a warehouse, but elements of industrial design can bring structure and texture to a space. You could incorporate polished concrete floors during the construction of a house or is wanting to add to your home, steel furniture and lights can bring urban touches to your home.
This pictures above are from this site here. And it contains many more pictures. You can get industrial looking desk lamps and light shades above from places such as Ikea. The enameled ones can add a splash of colour to a more neutral room and stop a room from looking sterile. Industrial doors would be perfect in a home office to store supplies or if big enough in a hallway to store shoes and gloves etc.

I love chairs like the ones below, you can buy items such as them old or new. You could maybe add seat cushions or mix textiles with the metal to make it more comfortable feeling.
Don't forget to mix your design up with some natural elements such as wood everything more earthy and comfy. I love this sort of design and it could be in small spaces as many industrial objects are made for storage. Storage is of course essential in any small space to stop a room from looking cluttered. 
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Monday, 2 December 2013


I've always loved the idea of putting a desk inside an alcove. It seems like it would be really cosy and a great use of a somewhat forgotten space. You can do so much with them! Alcoves can be quite dark so often extra light is needed, but I would embrace the darkness because every home needs a little dark corner to escape to.

Here are some of my favourite images:

These desks look great and have storage above to make the most of the height space within the alcove. I found the images here.

This alcove seating area looks like the perfect reading nook. The lamps would provide extra reading light in the otherwise quite dark space. I like the modular shelving they've used which contrasts the very orderly design of the arch way. The arch has been created out of wood so it's easily added to a rectangle cut out with out too much work.

This one I found here. I like how the shelving is off the floor and a small side table has been used. This frees up more floor space and can make the room feel bigger.
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DIY: Herringbone Inspired Brush Holder

If you have an old tumblr or candle jar you can easily make it into a pretty brush holder, or whatever you want. I like how the design looks quite sketchy and if I did it again I would either space out the lines more horizontally or make them close together so they almost touch.
To do this yourself you will need: some nail varnish, a cocktail stick, an erasable whiteboard pen, ruler and the jar.

1. I first removed the wax and cleaned the jar. 

Here is a link on snap guide on how you can do it:

2. Draw vertical lines using an erasable whiteboard pen to use as a guide. When drawing the guide lines make sure there are an even number of sections otherwise the design will not flow.
3. Then use the cocktail stick to draw the design on with the nail polish. I just dipped the stick into the pot. 

4. Once you're done leave it to dry for at least 30 minutes, carefully wipe off the marker and then fill with rice or filler beads. Then you're done and you can add all your brushes.

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sticky Back Plastic

Sticky back plastic can be used to add some interest to otherwise boring furniture. It can be added to the tops or sides of tables and drawers and is quite hard-wearing due to the fact it's made from plastic. The chevron pattern is very popular at the moment and can be seen in lots of furnishings and home decor. Below are panels decorated using sticky back plastic as well as an entire wall.

I got both of these from a site with lots of inspiration for using sticky back plastic. Below, I also found on 'imamomnotaprofessional' a piece of cherry blossom artwork made using contact paper. I love cherry blossoms and you could easily add some fake flowers to this for some pops of colour. In the past, I have used sticky back plastic to stencil t-shirts, it's great to use because the paint rarely seeps underneath. That meant the designs came out with strong bold lines.

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Bold Bed-Sheets

Making a statement with bed linen can be a good way to add some focus to a room lacking in design.

The image below shows a very bold and colourful room which has mismatching bedding, but it creates a feeling of comfort in such a small space. Mixing contrasting colours and pairing bold and soft patterns together can add depth to the design, and make it feel very eclectic.

In the image, I like how instead of nightstands shelves are used. This frees up the limited floor space around the bed and makes more of a statement as the bed is the sole piece of furniture. 

The sheets below are paired with a neutral wall colour which goes perfectly with the sheets and the small pop pink from the cherry blossom brings out the orange and red in the beautiful paisley design. 

You could incorporate this style by finding patterned bed sheet you love and then picking either a neutral tone from the sheets or one that goes to add the walls and keeping furniture simple whilst adding occasionally bold items of decor from any bold colours within the sheets. 

The cherry blossom branch could be made using an old/vintage wine bottle and hot gluing faux cherry blossom flowers onto a branch. That way it would last all year. 

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Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint can be used in so many different ways. You can create a dramatic, modern effect by painting an entire wall, or make fun designs (like dream bubbles above your bed) by just painting a small area  (e.g a splash back) or objects. The best thing is once you've drawn a design when you're bored you can just erase it and draw something else.

Here a section of a tree trunk has been painted and it looks incredible because of the natural shape and then the boldness of the black paint. Other object you can paint are the bottom of wine glasses, sections on jars to label them and cheese boards. I also like the idea of painting pebbles and having them lined up with quotes on or in a jar with patterns drawn on.

  I took a look on pinterest and found some inspiration.

I also love this example, where an old wardrobe has been painted and then drawn on. You can do this on drawers, tables and chairs. Also on the backs of doors.

On youtube, Mr Kate made a Christmas tutorial on which she added lights to her chalkboard wall. 

You can purchase magnetic chalkboard paint at homebase in which you can use strong magnets on. Don't forget that you can also get chalkboard paint in other colours, so if black is a bit too much you can try the other ones available.

Tree Houses

Tree houses seem to awaken an inner child in all of us. They can be beautiful and going in one can feel like being at one with the outside world.

If you're in Northumberland then the perfect place to go would be the Alnwick Garden's Tree house restaurant.
If a tree house is a little too far, maybe take inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings. To me they seem reminiscent of tree houses and  the materials used always seem to blend in with the surroundings, then the architectural straight lines make a bold statement.

Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Fallingwater'

Tree houses can show you how to live within nature and how to incorporate natural and local materials into your home. Some thing as simple as the tree branch decoration can make a beautiful statement in the home without costing lots of money. (In my opinion the one below would look better if the lights were on a white cable, but sometimes they're hard to find)

 Thank you for reading.